The Patrick Foundation

The Patrick Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) private charitable organization based in Palm Coast, Florida.  It was formed in June 1998 to make grants to non-profit organizations which we support, mostly in the Town of Ridgefield, the City of Danbury, and the City of Palm Coast. Our focus is in affordable housing, music and the arts, education, healthcare, and our alma maters. We support some national organizations, mostly for disaster relief. The funding in the foundation was provided exclusively by the foundation trustees, John and Joanne Patrick.

There are a large number of worthy causes and people in need.  The Patrick Foundation hopes to play a small role in helping out. The philosophy behind this is reflected in a modest paper called e-philanthropy. There are many resources on the web about charity.

All administrative aspects of the Foundation are outsourced to Foundation Source. Foundation tax returns are available at Guidestar. The Patrick Foundation’s EIN is 06-1519341.

Patrick Foundation Partners